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Monday, July 22, 2013

No, Obama, you're NOT Trayvon Martin

  I confess I haven't posted a blog post in several days because I have been so utterly disgusted with the events of this country that I find it nearly impossible to remain civil. 
  Hoping the period of hostility has passed, today I would like to write about the George Zimmerman mess.
  I know. I know. I wrote about it extensively before but the dang thing has mushroomed into a monstrous situation that has consumed our country and a dishonest news media that cannot emerge from their apoplectic fit.
  Top this off with a despicable "impromptu" speech by a national leader and throw a little MSNBC in out of curiosity and you have the perfect stinking pile of horse hockey through which most decent citizens do not want to walk.
  The most abhorrent behavior are the numerous claims and clamoring from wealthy elites who have been raised in pampered homes and been treated like royalty since their births; somehow now we learn that, once in life, someone "locked their doors" when he/she passed or "clutched their child tighter" because a black person was in the elevator, Jesse Jackson is allowed to say be relieved to be trailed by a white person rather than a black person but white people are racists if they say the same:
Jesse Jackson is traveling the country with a tough anti-crime message that he is delivering to inner-city youngsters. In Chicago he said, "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery -- then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.
  And why does he feel relieved? Because statistically young black males are more likely to commit crime than any other race.
  We've covered this already. But black folks find their culture in trouble, statistically and spiritually. (Just google twerking, yet another distinctive creation of the black culture.) (That is not to say that white folks are in great shape culturally. )
  The black family is in trouble. Did it take white folks and nuclear black families to protest the creation of a reality series about one black rapper, his 10 "baby mamas" and 11 children, all on government welfare? 
  And why was that series canceled?
  People complained it was a stereotype. What is a stereotype?
~something conforming to a fixed or general pattern; especially : a standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment~ 
  Even the definitions have been cleaned up to reflect political correctness. Is it wrong to stereotype individuals? Yes, but a stereotype is rooted in reality. It's a stereotype for a reason.
  While it is true that many white people in this country rarely suffer physically because of the color of their skin, I have seen children of color from privileged wealthy families receive college admission and tuition grants while white poor children received nothing. I have sat next to graduate students who, if failing a class, preferred to drop the class rather then continue because "I'm not worried about the money because I'll just get another grant."
  Black attacks on whites are up 18% around the country, gang membership is up 40% even while we watch the horrendous numbers climb in Leftist cities like Chicago, day after day, year after as young black men kill children, the elderly and innocents of all races, 45 murders in June and 43 so far in July.
  But it's never "the kids' fault." It's the police, or poverty, or white privilege, or somebody else's fault. It's never the destruction of the family, the fact that there are so few fathers in the home or that fathers are ridiculed and made to look stupid by the media.
  So what does our Fearless Leader do? He gets on television and offers a self-pitying exaggeration of his youth and some presumed offense by white people and even his grandmother. 
  It's not difficult to see that Obama always has cut an elegant figure, dressed well and appealed to most people.
  Yet he claims that whites have run from him in fear.
  Well, maybe he scared some people because he was high most of the time in high school, even dabbling in hard drugs in college. How stupid would you have to be NOT to be afraid of such a "child"? A "child" who boasted about his drug use?
  But for Obama and so many privileged others to claim they've suffered from racial abuse and "could have been Trayvon" is ridiculous.
  Fortunately I'm not the only one who's extremely frustrated by the constant racist drums that certain people beat incessantly.
  I'm tired of being afraid of being accused of being a racist because I disagree with racists. 
  This great country has some wonderful black doctors (I have 2), blended families of white and black members (like mine) and filled with people who like one another because of who they are, without being so deferential to black people just because they're afraid of being accused of being a racist.
  Even some Democrats are tired of this whole discussion. Over at PuffHo (this article worth reading), actor Romany Malco nervously offers a "message to Trayvon Martin supporters":
If we really wanted to ensure Trayvon Martin's killing was not in vain, we'd stop perpetuating negative images that are now synonymous with black men in America. We'd stop rapping about selling drugs and killing niggas. The next time we saw a man beating a woman, we'd call for help or break it up, but one thing we would not do is stand by with our cellphones out -- yelling WORLDSTAR! Instead of rewarding kids for memorization, we'd reward them for independent and critical thinking.
  Charles Barkley,actress  Stacey Dash, conservative Larry Elder,  Rapper Lupe Fiasco and Bill Cosby have offered criticism to the community activism of drumming up hatred toward Zimmerman, only to be ripped to shreds by black activists. 
  Shelby Steele puts it best at the WSJ today:
Today's black leadership pretty much lives off the fumes of moral authority that linger from its glory days in the 1950s and '60s. The Zimmerman verdict lets us see this and feel a little embarrassed for them. Consider the pathos of a leadership that once transformed the nation now lusting for the conviction of the contrite and mortified George Zimmerman, as if a stint in prison for him would somehow assure more peace and security for black teenagers everywhere. This, despite the fact that nearly one black teenager a day is shot dead on the South Side of Chicago—to name only one city—by another black teenager.
   Let's just review the facts one more time, considering that all you've heard in the media is that Zimmerman tracked, attacked and killed a black "child."
  Zimmerman got out of his car to see where Martin was headed; when told to stop he did, returning to his car. Before he reached his car, Martin, who was high at the time, jumped from the bushes (after telling his friend on the phone he was going to offer a "whooping" to Zimmerman) and asked, "You got a problem?" and then, "Well, you do now."
  Martin who was taller and fitter than GZ, then jumped the older man and beat him, breaking his nose and lacerating his head, a fact mocked by Leftists as an inadequate reason for killing the attacker.
  Courtesy Legal Insurrection's excellent coverage of the trial by lawyer Branca, here's a rundown of the misinformation that's out there about that night:
  • Zimmerman “stalked” Martin. (There is no evidence that Zimmerman ever sought to close with Martin or sought to do anything but observe from a distance.)
  • Zimmerman volunteered Martin’s race to police. (No, NBC doctored the 911 recording to make that appear to be the case, the police asked and Zimmerman answered.)
  • Zimmerman disobeyed police instructions to stay in his truck. (No such instruction was ever given.)
  • Zimmerman disobeyed police instructions to not follow Martin. (No such instruction was ever given; when it was suggested that he not follow, he complied immediately.)
  • Zimmerman has a history of convictions for acts of violence. (Simply, no.)
  • Zimmerman was high on pills at the time. (No evidence of this whatever.)
  • Zimmerman appointed himself head of the neighborhood watch. (No, HOA offered him that role, he accepted.)
  • Zimmerman had called the police about suspicious characters dozens of times in the weeks preceding the events with Martin. (No, it was perhaps a half-dozen calls in similar number of months)
  • Zimmerman used a racial slur in reference to Martin while on the phone to police. (Never happened.)
  • Zimmerman was a racist seething with anger against young black men. (No evidence of this whatever, despite thorough FBI investigation.)
  • Zimmerman injuries prove he was never in danger of death or grave bodily harm. (First, no injury need be suffered before self-defense; second, blows to the head always carry a danger of hemotoma and death.)
  • Zimmerman used a gun against an unarmed child. (Had the events not happened nobody would have referred to 6-foot-plus 17-year-old Martin as a child; in any event, Martin armed himself with his fists and the sidewalk.)
  I hope never to express an opinion again about this case, which has been absolutely disgustingly nauseatingly abused by Leftists to further the malcontents who refuse to take responsibility for their lives and to purposely perpetuate grievances to further their own political and financial interests.
  That any leader of this country would do this makes me ill. What's sad is that he could have truly been a transformative president who brought people together. He has not chosen to do this, but rather continues to pit groups of people against one another, always with an eye on achieving his goals of furthering this country down the road to a country ruled by elites.
  But he's not Trayvon Martin, he couldn't have been and it's pathetic that he thinks he can get away with claiming that this country is run by racists. (Other than the administration currently in charge, that is.)
  Though the media would have all of us believe the country is in unity over hatred for Zimmerman and whites, it is simply not true. 
  Witness this epic rant by Leftist attorney Leo Turell, who admittedly loves to be bombastically effusive over any issue he supports.
  Watch the whole thing and bask in the glow. We sure aren't alone if we despise and are embarrassed by the behavior of the current crop of racists parading around on television. 
   I might add that for those of us who care about freedom, who care about unity, who care about the direction this country is taking, who care about equal rights for all, the last week has been agonizing as we watch all the efforts, laws and concerns of the past 60 years have been discarded as if no one's been doing anything to set right the racial balance in this country.
  And many thanks to Hoosierman for covering for me while I was simmering outside the blogosphere. 
  UPDATE: A CNN host upbraids a white guy--same race as the author of this blog post-- and says if you're white, you have no right to offer an opinion on any of these issues:
"You have a certain entitlement as a white person that people of color don’t have. You don’t see that? You’re filtering through a place of privilege that you don’t understand. Your privilege does not allow you to see certain biases and certain circumstances in society."
  Likewise, Mr. Lemon. Likewise.


  1. When will the beatings stop? Thanks for putting out there what so many people are feeling. I do not want to believe that this country is going backwards in race relations...but the events of this past week has shown us all that the real race issues are being fostered, fed and perpetuated by the left. We are not going to really pretend that the culture that has created welfare and welfare abuse.. abortion... the lack of family values ... the glorification of the drug and gang lifestyle is going to now pretend to be about the VALUE OF LIFE. ARE YOU KIDDING??? I will not try to paint with a broad brush stroke here, but if people want the perceptions changed about young black, white or any color youth.... Try this... change your behavior... one by one.. change your families... one by one. Quit blaming everyone else for your by one. And for the rest of us .. don't apologize for someones behavior other than your own.
    Finally Mr President, quit pretending to be someone your not... just resign as president.... or for Gods sake be the person that this country voted for.. The president of the United States... ALL OF US... didn't you get the memo? Or was that being taught to you in school during your drug days (otherwise known as your Trayvon experience)Give me a break. Grow up!!! And Lead ...or get out of the way.