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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Huge Independence Day developments

  Independence Day for Egypt? Hard to tell now, since the Muslim Brotherhood is deposed. Will there be a worse one in charge, appointed by the Egyptian military? We have hope.
  Valerie Jarrett's mask falls off, as exposed by some writer who's finally (safely in Obama's second term) got onto the story that our de facto POTUS is the Iranian Jarrett, not Obama, who goes mysteriously missing at times. Where?
  Read here the absolutely sickening talking points the White House (Jarrett) released (about herself) to the minions to create a positive image of the Shadow President.
   Are we witnessing the birth of a new Tea Party tomorrow, as millions protest NSA snooping as indicated by Hoosierman's post below?
  And Obama's stock continues to fall, both internationally and nationally.
  God Bless America.

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