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Monday, July 8, 2013

Obama makes fraud even easier

  As if it's not enough that the now old health care law is written in dense language over the course of thousands of pages, now we learn there will be few safeguards against fraud. 
  We can cut fireworks for the military on July 4, we can boot the public from touring the White House, we can restrict flights for airports, but we can also afford $100 million for a gratuitous sight seeing tour for the POTUS and his family. 
  We can afford to send billions to illegal immigrants' phantom children in other countries.
  We can spend $800,000 to have someone click "like" on the State Department's Facebook page.
  We can run surveys on ridiculous projects like the sex habits of prostitutes in China.
  We can spend millions of dollars on fancy uniforms for the TSA to swell their already huge egos so they can stick their hands in our underpants.
  We can pay huge salaries for IRS and GSA employees to party in Vegas, make stupid videos and hound taxpaying citizens for wanting to be part of the electoral process.
  But we can't afford--either in organization, money or intelligence--to use an eVerify system to make sure people tell the truth when they apply for free or subsidized government health care.
  Can you say....Let's make fraud even easier?
The announcement came on Friday without fanfare with the Department of Health and Human Services publishing the notification in the Federal Register.
Verification plans for the taxpayer subsidies won't go into effect until 2015 for those earning about $45,000 to purchase health insurance, or earning $15,000 to qualify for Medicaid in the District and 23 participating states.


  1. that makes the governors who decided to participate in the medicaid expansion look real smart. medicaid without means testing. wow

  2. Yeah, and what do we do with Kasich, I wonder.