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Monday, July 22, 2013

Building the middle class? Hardly.

 I see Leftists are already at work trying to defeat the Right to Work in Ohio running commercials equating Right to Work (the ability to work without union harassment and coercion) with ruining the middle class.
  As usual, Republicans in Ohio are MIA.  
  The current commercial is a pompous officious looking man intoning that right to work equals the ruination of all that is holy to the unions and Leftists.
  I'm guessing the unions are pissed off that half Wisconsin's union membership--given a choice--has dropped, along with half their cash. Thus they have to cut their fatly paid staff which has spent much of their working lives running around the state lying about conservatives and Republicans, in addition to ginning up anger against anyone who doesn't support unions.
  This is right in line with the "White House's" directive of "protecting the middle class" by gouging EVERYONE to pay for the exorbitant greed of the unions. 
  And it's right in line with the absurd Leftist talking point that the ruination of Detroit was brought about by Republicans, who have had nothing much to do with Detroit....and no Republican has been mayor of Detroit since 1961. I think there's been one city council member who's Republican in about the same length of time.
  But somehow it's Republicans' fault for the mess the city is in. On WJR out of Detroit, we learned that emergency manager Kevin Orr discovered that just one employee was making $450,000 a year. The city has twice as many retirees as workers. These retirees were promised billions in pensions and health care and, to be honest and slightly uncivil, the loons have been running and benefiting from the fat of this city for decades.
  Leftists aren't about building the middle class.
  They're about destroying it.
ALSO: Detroit is second only to San Francisco in the number of residents per employee. There are 55 residents per employee, compared to 27 residents per employee in San Francisco and 158 residents per employee in San Jose. Mayor Bing would like to cut the work force but that's a catch 22, since there are twice as many pensioners as workers and that will cut even more money out of the pensioners' fund.

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