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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Detroit IS Obama

  It's Bush's/Republicans'/conservatives'/austerity measures' fault. We are responsible for NOTHING that goes wrong EVER! Give us more money and we can fix it!
  That's the unbelievably stupid meme being floated repeatedly--as memes are wont to be--out in the universe since Leftists are nakedly exposed as the incompetent buffoons they are when it comes to money, freebies, efficiency and organizing anything effectively--other than just rabble rousing, carrying professionally printed protest placards and throwing crap at people who disagree with them.
  They've gone off the deep end, sinking into oblivion, apparently unaware that they've lost their minds
  Yet Detroit is the epitome of Leftist policy and thought.  

  I present exhibit #1. Everything's somebody else's fault.
1. In between baby coverage, Martin Bashir somehow managed to slip in that the baby's arrival was more exciting to the centuries old tradition of the arrival of a new king because the UK has suffered economically because of....Paul Ryan's economic policies. No, really.
   Exhibit #2-Obama can do no wrong EVER no matter what he does
  2. San Diego voters just signed a petition granting Obama immunity from any crimes he's committed. The nauseating link is here. Can you say Bush did it? Can you say Zimmerman got off scot free?
  Admittedly an extreme example, these voters exemplify the attitude of the typical fainting Obamabot voters. 
  Can you say Kwame Kilpatrick? Monica Conyers? Othis Mathis? Joanne Watson? 
  Exhibit #3-It's wrong, wrong, wrong to live within a budget. Spend as much as you can and don't worry about long term debt.
  3. I was watching FNC last night when Sally Kohn took part in the final panel. I confess I kinda like her even though she's a flaming liberal but when she rattled this insanity with wide eyes and chipper voice, I crossed her off the list of anyone who could ever utter a sane opinion that made any sense ever again.
  She cheerily proclaims that austerity doesn't work. 
  It's been proven over and over! 
  All the studies show! 
  Republicans just want to cut and cut and cut! 
  This proves Republicans are wrong about austerity!
  Exhibit #4. POUTUS's advisors are hucksters, criminals and agitators, just like Detroit's
  4. Jesse Jackson? He's known for shaking down companies for a few hundred thou which he pockets and then deserts the righteousness of his cause.
  Eric Holder? He refers to blacks as "his people," refusing to prosecute civil rights cases against any race other than black, including situations where black poll workers refuse to allow whites to vote. He lies.
  Al Sharpton? Peh. Tawana Brawley. Crown Heights. Freddie's Fashion Mart. No justice. No peace.
  Exhibit #5. No honesty. No justice.
  5. Let's have an honest talk about race.
Um. Yeah. The way this goes is, "You sit down and shut up. I'll do the talking"
And YOU don't even try marching on Washington in protest of something like a health care law.
  And Ed Schulz actually complains the reason Detroit failed is because of conservative policies... a conservative utopia.

  And that, my friend, is how you wind up going 60 years, spending money you don't have and throwing out anybody who tries to tell you the truth about the mess you're making.

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  1. Yeah, all conservative utopias run $100 million deficits each and every year.