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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Redemption Candidate Weiner Suffers Relapse

It goes without saying that we are both surprised and amused but more amused than surprised by the revelation that  Anthony Weiner had a relapse. We here in the mid west tend to look askance at political redemptions as if they are but another iteration of jail house religion. For the faithful denizens of New York City Weiner's candidacy provided an opportunity for moral preening. The city was practicing the politics of forgiveness which is its way of supporting any Democrat, no matter how lurid his past, wrapped up in sanctimony as if by tortured reflection the body politic had looked into its soul and found forgiveness for the pipsqueak penitent whose behavior it mildly condoned to begin with. Good wife, Huma would probably sell her soul to keep the motorcade moving so no need to pity her.
Now Weiner has added lying, hypocrisy, and more infidelity to the mix. New Yorkers  have much more to forgive but no doubt they will be up to the challenge. They can revel in forgiveness all the way to the ballot box. The voters always get what they deserve.

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