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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Leftist hypocrisy pauses

  Lots of so-called "Republicans" pretend to be conservative to get votes, McCain and Graham and  perhaps even Rubio being prime examples.
  But one area where the Democrat party excels is frauds.
  That Dem Texas legislator Wendy Davis who "filibustered" the other night to stop Texas's abortions above 20 weeks is a great example. Obama termed it "something special" going on in Austin to prevent abortions above 20 weeks. The "rouge red sneaker" wearing Davis herself, who succeeded in quashing the amendment, termed it a "great victory" and is basking in the glow of Leftist media attention. 
  Whoohoo! Babies can still be killed in Texas at 20 weeks and older!!!
  Just as a reminder this is what a 24 week pregnancy looks like:
  Then there's the hypocrisy of claiming funds are so tight we can't allow schoolkids to tour the White House but taking a separate jet to Ireland to go on a separate vacation, at tremendous cost to both Ireland and US taxpayers. 
  It's free money, after all! And Michelle needs her celebrity hobnobbing, after all! I mean, even if your teenagers roll their eyes at what you sightseeing and the extra plane you co-opted costs an additional $10,000 an hour to ferry you around, it's worth it, man! What's a $3300 a night hotel room anyway? Digs fit for a queen!
  And try being a person of color who thinks right as opposed to left. You're not authentic! You're not a real person of color! Stacy Dash is the latest example of being attacked for encouraging others not to judge Paul Deen for something she is said to have done 30 years ago that might be racist.
  So it's good to see somebody like Tammy Duckworth take on a faker who's been scamming the system. You may remember her. She was an Army helicopter pilot in Iraq:
  Duckworth called out a fellow who claimed his twisted ankle suffered 27 years ago when he was "serving" a year in military prep school was an injury that debilitated him at 30% ("service connected, disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs" his bio reads), even though he went on to play football in college.  The fellow Castillo was inexcusably whiny, complaining that he just didn't feel well but he was there testifying in spite of his discomfort.
  Duckworth's right arm was blown off and reattached; she cannot feel it and is always in danger of losing it, yet this injury is considered a 20% disability while Castillo's is considered a 30% disability which conveniently gave him a "competitive advantage" as a contractor.

  Unfortunately Duckworth is the exception to the rule. We'd like to see more exceptions to the Leftist rule, but those folks are generally driven out of the party.
  But after the dressing down he got, I'm guessing Castillo regrets just a little bit using that "injury" for financial advantage.
  Maybe he ought to go scrub his bio. Clean. We hope. For change.

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