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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Capitol Police: No Tea Party Rally for YOU???

  We've already noted that the Tea Party groups are planning on marching on Washington on June 19. I complained that this is short notice and thus crowds will be smaller, given the time frame.
  Now we learn that the Capitol Police have been stalling the Tea Party event application which was submitted on May 22. They need to see the Tea Party websites and social media, they claim.
  Though organizers initiated contact with the Capitol Police, responses have been lethargic or not forthcomings.
  Guidelines say 5 days/120 hours in advance are required to hold an event so we know it doesn't ordinarily take that long.
  So here we go again.
  Does anyone honestly think Occupy Wall Street's application--if they bothered to submit one--would take half that time?
  Gateway Pundit has the complete story. Here are some of the questions Capitol Police wanted answered:
Questions asked:
** Is the purpose of your event to promote government accountability?
My answer was yes. This was also indicated on the application
** Have you ever had an event on Capitol grounds before? If so, when was the last one?
My answer was yes and March of 2012.
** Have you ever had any opposition to your cause show up at these events in the past?
My answer – possibly. If there was any opposition it was a small amount. Nothing ever escalated beyond civil conversation.
** Do you know of any opposition that will be at your June 19th event?
My answer – not at this time because we haven’t publicized the event yet because we wanted to make sure we secured the permit first.
** Have you invited any members of Congress to the June 19th event?
My answer – I have informed some Members of Congress, but official invites have not been extended because we are waiting for approval of the permit.
** Does your organization have any social media sites like Twitter or Instagram? I know that you have a Facebook page.
My response – yes we do, but I’m not sure why this is relevant to the application.
  We need to win these battles.

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