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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Illinois Democrats Cancel Vote on Same Sex Marriage

Marriage equality, the trendy moniker for state sanctioned sodomy, took a hit in the Land of Lincoln as Democratic leaders in the Illinois General Assembly cancelled a vote on the contentious issue. Even though the Democrats have super majorities in both legislative houses and a Democratic Governor traditional marriage still prevails. What sells in Chicago doesn't always sell in Carbondale and downstate Democrats are mindful that they may no longer be part of any majority if they get this vote wrong.
Downstate Illinois has a fascinating history replete with labor strife, prohibition era rural gangs, blood feuds, Klu Klux Klan atrocities, and bank robbers. While the Klan and the Shelton gang went out of vogue 80 years ago rural Illinois is not a hotbed of progressive political thought. Catholics and Masons still feud with a gusto that has abated little since the 1930's but the marriage issue is one place were they can find common ground. Democratic leaders promise to bring the bill up for a vote later but it will still be a hard sell to career conscious legislators from downstate.

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