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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Having trouble listening to talk radio?

  Listening to Rush yesterday was a roller coaster ride. He's spot on with observations about the latest scandal, privacy issues and the current whistleblower. (Clarification: Snowden is the whistleblower for this particular scandal. Many other whistleblowers have already been chewed up and tossed aside by the press. It remains to be seen if Snowden is a truthteller or not.)
  But then Rush says he's just as depressed as the rest of us out here and it's hard to come in to work.
  Um, hello? I don't really want to listen to you then, partner.
  This has been much the same attitude with conservatives concerned about the conditions in the country today. 
  One hopes there will be a good showing next Tuesday at the Tea Party protest in DC, which would be a healthy sign for those who oppose Obama's policies and fascist attitude.
  The next goal is to get solid conservatives elected next year. Right now, it's only a few Tea Party House members holding the line against this lawless Chicago brand administration.
  Winnable races. Viable candidates.
  Admittedly it's pretty bleak right now; the idea that our government itself breaks the law by wiretapping Verizon phone lines is both appalling and frightening.
  And it's pretty absurd that the feds can track our every movement, harass Tea Partiers and presidential critics and yet not be able to track down the illegal aliens "hiding in the shadows."
  It's also absurd that all these extreme measures are taken against American citizens and yet when warned by the Russian government about the nefarious attentions of the Boston bombers, the feds did nothing.
   But that the feds haul out the old "if we can stop/save one _____, then we have to ___!" line to justify just about anything they want to do, regardless the consequences to all Americans. Overreach? Let me snicker.
  It's inevitable that, with all this personal information available, that information will be abused by government. We need to fight it.
  Peggy Noonan (she who was part of the initial Obama shmooze campaign) says it precisely at her WSJ blog:
2. There is no way a government in the age of metadata, with the growing capacity to listen, trace, tap, track and read, will not eventually, and even in time systematically, use that power wrongly, maliciously, illegally and in areas for which the intelligence gathering was never intended. People are right to fear that the government’s surveillance power will be abused. It will be. There are many reasons for this, but the primary one is that humans are and will be in charge of it, and humans have shown throughout history a bit of a tendency to play every trick and bend and break laws.
“If men were angels,” as James Madison wrote, limits, checks, balances and specifically protected rights would not be necessary. But they aren’t angels. Add to all this simple human mistakes, innocent and not, and misjudgments. And add to that sheer human craziness, partisan lust, political mischief of all sorts. In the Clinton White House there was a guy named Craig Livingstone who amused himself reading aloud the confidential FBI files of prominent Republicans. The files—hundreds of them—were improperly secured and disseminated. Imagine Craig Livingstone at the National Security Agency. Imagine Lois Lerner.
So if we have and develop a massive surveillance state, it will be abused. And that abuse will, down the road, do damage not only to individuals but, quite probably, to the nation’s morale, to its very vision of itself.
  This country has weathered tremendous obstacles, not the least of which was an internecine war which took more lives than any other war we've fought and tore even families apart. And we enjoyed the peaceful Post WW2 prosperity.
  But now is the time to fight for the best place on earth; we will survive Barack Hussein Obama.
  The bad news is that story after story, scandal after scandal reveal the depravity of this group of liars, cheaters and criminals.
  The good news is that these people are exposing themselves for what they are: eager hypocrites wanting to snoop on and control the lives of others.
  We just don't have to be party to it.
 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8, NIV


  1. Most tea party people are new to the fight, but many of us, including Rush, have been fighting the battle for a very long time.

    It's hard not to get depressed or discouraged over what's going on - at least for a short period of time.

    Thankfully, we have the newly-active members of tea parties across the country to re-energize the ranks and give encouragement to the political veterans.

    They allow those of us who are tired to step away from the front lines for a bit - they take the lead, giving us the time to rest and recharge before rejoining the battle.

    1. I thought about what you said all day yesterday and I'm uneasy with your answer. My problem is that the "newly active" and inexperienced among us have other lives we can retreat to when things don't get well on the political front. Many of my Tea Party friends are so stunned by events they've completely withdrawn into the safety net of "real" life as opposed to political life. Plus we see this grand country slipping away and helplessly can do nothing to prevent it. In that sense, Obama has won this battle.

      People are terribly disheartened; when you understand that talk radio is such an integral part of our lives--the only way, really, we can connect with our way of thinking--to hear, day after day, repeated dreary despairing monologues only serves to further demoralize. And who knows what else is coming?

      This is why I listen to the Red Eye Radio guys' podcasts. They use humor and incisive insight to make their points, always bearing in mind the long picture.

      But thank you, Maggie Thurber, for your contributions in such a blue part of the US. We continue to fight the good fight, no matter the cost, but it sure gets tiring. Keep up the good work.

  2. Limbaugh is perplexing. Twice in a week he emphasized that we should forget about impeachment. On Friday he sounded like a refugee from Air America. Not only will Benito not be impeached, Lerner will not be prosecuted, Shulman will not be prosecuted and named an entire thug's row of henchmen who criminals who will escape justice. Maybe Limbaugh has lost his will to fight.

  3. I think his point has been that we shouldn't plan on any Democrat being held accountable. In a sense, I agree. But the truth is that all his rhetoric serves is to further depress the troops.

    And THAT is a serious problem, IMHO. There's something weird going on with this whole thing. I think they're playing major psy-ops and we're falling for it.