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Friday, June 28, 2013

Parents of Navy Seals Sue Biden and Panetta

I suppose Joe Biden and Leon Panetta will invoke some sort of executive immunity as their defense in the suit brought by the parents of Seal Team 6 members killed in a helicopter crash after the elite team was named by both Biden and Panetta as the hit squad that took out Osama bin Laden. Billy and Karen Vaughn, the parents of Aaron Vaughn; Charles and Mary Ann Strange, the parents of Michael Strange; Doug and Shaune Hamburger, the parents of Patrick Hamburger; and Sidh Douangdara, the father of John Douangdara are asking for $200 million in damages. Keep in mind that many members of the Obama administration have had the temerity to accuse Edward Snowden of treason while top secret information is routinely disclosed by the administration with impunity.
“The hard reality is that Biden and Panetta are alive ‘feasting’ on their ‘political notoriety,” power and wealth, while the brave heroes who gave their lives for our nation’s security are dead, thanks to them!” Larry Klayman, an attorney for the family, said in a statement on the filing. More.

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