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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mr. Rubio, Take Down This Ad

Senator Jeff Sessions has called on Senator Marco Rubio and Face Book's Mark Zuckerberg to withdraw the phony advertisements they have generated to push the Gang of 8 immigration bill. In a previous post I exhibited two of those ads.
“Indeed, Mr. Zuckerberg apparently created a front group that’s on the advertisements and it says--they’re called ‘Americans for a Conservative Direction,’” Sessions said on the Senate floor on Monday afternoon. “People, I suppose he’s saying all this on the ad when he’s already said the bill is flawed and he can’t vote for it in its current circumstances. The advertisement ought to be pulled, it seems to me." 
"So, worse, virtually everything in the ad, especially in the voiceover, not Sen. Rubio’s voice, but the voiceover is false,” Sessions clarified.
Good for Senator Sessions. Marco Rubio has become the Senator from Face Book not the Tea Party. As Sessions says, “A commitment to the truth is a conservative value.”


  1. I want Sarah Palin to run for senate and Rand Paul to run for president.

  2. Yes. That is my dream ticket. I am tired of their making fun of her though. She rocks. Really. Unafraid. I am SO sick of the establishment Republicans.