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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Is Obama uninformed or dishonest?

  So which is it?
  Is President Obama the most uninformed, uninterested president in United States history? 

  So uninformed that he has absolutely no idea what's going on in his administration, which even Axelrod has admitted is too, too, too big?
  Or is he devious, spearheading all the scandals that have bedeviled his administration and pretending not to know what's going on?
  Either way, his so-called leadership is appalling.
  Love the faux rage over the IRS targeting, but still waiting to hear the stern commands to clean up the cess pool that is the IRS.
  He doesn't appear to be interested in doing that.
  But then, maybe that's because he's like God, according to Newsweek's Evan Thomas, hovering above the fray.
  Interesting that Evan Thomas's eval of God has changed recently to hypocritical and dishonest.

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