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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Obama is becoming irrelevant

  Has Obama gone too far with his ridiculous new EPA standards? We will have to wait to see but he has certainly proved how irrelevant he is.
  In an increasingly dangerous world, apparently the primary "threat" this country faces is the absurd global warming threat.
  Look, it's not that there's anything wrong with solar power; it's just that making it profitable  isn't quite there yet. 
  And, yeah, it's hard finding a good job right now. And, yeah, everything's expensive but so what? 
  The Middle East is blowing up, there are rumors of our State Department gun running in Libya which ended in the Benghazi murders, but so what?
  What difference does it make?

  And our entire security has been compromised by a 29 year old weasel who's blown it to the Chinese and Russians, but so what?
  And let's not forget that Obama gave away the nuclear codes to Britain's arsenal to the Russians in a show of "trust."
  New York Post:
The leaking of classified data with impunity doesn’t stop there. It goes straight to the White House itself. Who can forget how the Obama national-security team leaked news that it had helped Israel launch a computer virus into Iran’s nuclear program, a story that got three Iranian technicians arrested as American spies? Or how they gave Hollywood film-makers direct access to the planner of the Osama bin Laden kill, whose identity was otherwise highly secret? 
  Meanwhile Sarah Palin calls out the frauds, as usual, especially on the "big leadership moment" on global warming. The Obamabots seem to think that everything's fine. After all, "jobs are up" and "unemployment is down" and "the war is over."
  The war is over?
  Yet Obama insists that this major leadership moment on global warming (which was nearly drowned out by planes) is a defining moment because there is no greater threat to the future of the planet and if it's one thing he's about, it's what's good for the planet, never mind the wars, jobs and all that Sturm und Drang.
  Because, see, all of our problems are going to be solved by ruining the coal industry.
  And introducing 40 million illegal immigrants into the health care system.
  Yeah, that'll work.
  Fasting on Thursday.
  Like I said, Obama doesn't care what you think. He doesn't care what's best for the country.
  He only cares about his whacked up agenda.
  It's too bad the planet has figured out what an idiot he is; he isn't deserving of respect and makes it clear that all he wants is what he wants.
  Oblivious? Ya might say that.

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