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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Catherine Kieu Becker gets life. Will CBS laugh that off?

Normally I don't post on issues of murder and mayhem from but CBS's The Talk offers a unique insight into the mind of modern feminism. This conversation followed the early reports of the crime as the panel tried to put a happy face on sadism.

Imagine, if you will, a man had tortured a woman, subjecting her to excruciating pain and ended her sex life permanently. Would that be considered a proper theme for comedy? Catherine Kieu Becker has just been sentenced to life in prison so evidently the court did not find much knee slapping humor in the dismemberment.
 Becker’s husband had filed for divorce but allowed her to remain in his house while she looked for other accommodations.  Becker repaid his generosity by drugging a bowl of soup she gave him to eat and then, once he had gone to bed, tying him up, severing his penis with a large butcher knife and grinding it in the garbage disposal.  She then called 911.


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