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Friday, June 28, 2013

Photos of Obama's Trip We Don't See

How come we don't see these images on the evening news? Sure, US presidents are routinely protested abroad but if any president other than Obama turned out this much anger television would devote hours of coverage while editorial writers worried about America's image ad nauseam.

Slave master?

Kitchen boy?


I guess burning the American flag is a trick they picked up from Bill Ayers and the Weatherman.
Update: From;

S. African police shoot stun grenades at anti-Obama protesters

South African police fired stun grenades at hundreds of protesters on Saturday who were demonstrating against US President Barack Obama’s visit to South Africa, according to AFP. Three loud bangs were heard as police tried to move the angry protesters away from the area. Obama’s visit to the country has caused some controversy among a coalition of trade union groups and left-wing political organizations which planned a “national day of action” to coincide with his visit. The groups have indicated that they are cynical about American foreign and trade policies, and that they feel Obama has done nothing to the advantage of South Africa, but merely continued American foreign policies, to which they had hoped for an end.
See if this is ever reported by the MSM.

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