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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Get real about who Obama really is

  The stories emanating from the worst administration in US history keep getting worse.
  The stories from peope who've been treated by this government are creepy. The monsters in DC are out of control.
  Let's get a few things out of the way though about Obama.
  • Obama does not care what you, we or 50% of the country think. Thus pressure from the scandals won't affect the Obama machine. It's the Chicago way, after all, to suggest they'll break your legs or murder your child if you disagree with them, just as a union official did recently to a Hurricane Sandy contractor in NY. Daily Caller:
Then Capobianco said something that the source would never forget.
“He said, ‘I would just hate for anything to happen,’” recalled the source. Capobianco then rattled off a list of the source’s home address, his wife’s name, his kids and their current whereabouts.
  •   Obama doesn't care about---is even hostile toward---the Constitution so quit thinking anything his administration does will support that magnificent document. They want to rewrite history and our founding principles.
  •   Obama will use any means necessary to get what he wants. He issues commands from his presidential pulpit and expects the foot soldiers to fulfill those commands. No written directions are necessary when you're controlled by a cult leader, a "light bringer."
  •   Obama disappears when things get tough. He really has no personal feelings for just about anyone but himself, spectacularly revealed when he gave a cheerful "shoutout" before discussing the hideous Fort Hood shootings. 
  •   Obama considers race and ideology more important than any person or religious beliefs. He is hostile to Christianity, unless it's a form of social justice religiosity. There is no "Christ" in Obama's Christianity. Only "Obama."
  •   Obama doesn't know what he's doing regarding the economy nor does he care; print the more money the better. He will take any opportunity he can to bankrupt the country for its own "good."
  • Obama takes things very, very personally. He has a huge ego that needs to be nursed by those around him. You might say he was a mixed child--- a cross between spoiled and rotten, surrounded by unbelievably indulgent adults.
  • Obama thinks he's right in everything he does. He never questions himself, really, since introspection is foreign to him and he seems fairly oblivious to the fact that people around him have been pumping him up for years, even editing video and photographs to reinforce the whole "lightbringer" image.
  • Obama keeps score; he bears grudges. He uses people. He pampers himself, pats himself on the back, determines to get revenge against his "enemies," who are designated as enemies for their opposition to the Man Who Would Be King.
  • Obama lies and then laughs about it. Through his behavior, his minions have learned to lie with impunity so being a hypocrite isn't a problem, like Harry Reid who on the Senate floor denounced Republicans for holding up the budget for 86 days, even though Democrats haven't passed a budget in over 1300 days. the absurd Wasserman Schulz claims an abortion bill is "an extreme, unprecedented reach into women's lives." She wants YOU to pay for "women's" (meaning any female of any age) abortions, abortifacients, birth control and even doctor's appointments, but YOU don't get to say how your money gets spent and YOU can't protest on principle because THEY don't have any.
  • The only truth Obama recognizes is the "truth" he creates. There is no such person as a whistleblower. Only troublemakers.
  So when CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson starts writing stories about some of the government dirt Obama's been shoveling, it isn't a problem when his minions turn on her home computers in the middle of the night and read what's on them.
  It's no problem snooping into Petraeus's personal emails and then using information against him when they need to boot him.(Will we ever know if the same was done to SCOTUS Justice John Roberts?)
  It's no problem for the unconstitutional activities of the government if IRS agents abuse American citizens. Or, for that matter, any other governmental agency may abuse Americans, such as happened with the founder of True The Vote. They undoubtedly deserve it if they disagree with Obama.
  Building an enormous data base with everyone's 
  Let's be realistic. If he doesn't get what he wants, Obama will issue an executive order, legal or not. The law means very little to him unless he writes it--executively.  
  He's overreaching; this is the way he'll self-destruct. If the Republicans weren't such idiots, it'd be a great time to promote conservatism. Unfortunately we have elitists like Jeb Bush espousing nonsense and progressivism and traitors like Rubio promoting disastrous immigration reform.
  We need to gear up for 2014.  
  Identify political targets like Jeb Bush and Rubio and work against them.
  Snowden's revelations may indeed work against Obama and his ilk. 
  And even Leftists don't like what's he's doing anymore.

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