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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NSA whistleblowers: Snowden did the right thing

  I've been mulling this whole Edward Snowden thing since the story broke.
  It bothers me that people keep ridiculing Snowden as a "high school dropout" as if only highly educated people should be able to get the good IT jobs or you're only really smart if you are credentialed by some politically correct institution.
  Considering the condition of our academic institutions these days, that's hardly a feat.
  And considering that some of the smartest tech people have had no use for institutional learning---which often meets only the needs of the people writing the curriculum---and considering I personally know a brilliant IT guy who could barely stomach any traditional learning path, I think those ridiculers better get a clue to the new world that has terra formed while they weren't watching.
  But on to Snowden.
  I don't know if he's hero or scoundrel but it seems to me what's happening--the whole forced transparency thing--is good.
  Several NSA whistleblowers who tried to work within the system say Snowden did the right thing.
  They have tried to get the NSA to change its ways without luck.
  Watch the video and decide for yourself. We'll link to this video after a day or two since it has an uncontrollable autoplay.
  Here's the link.

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