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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Congressman Peter King Makes My Ass Hurt

Whoa! Congressman Peter King has built a career on 9/11 but enough is enough. I find King's hypocrisy to be over the top. King thinks Glenn Greenwald should be prosecuted for reporting on the Verizon data grab and PRISM. Who does this guy drink with? Eric Holder? Yes, Congressman, it must be a great comfort a to James Rosen knowing he has a congressman like you. I must be losing my mind. Suddenly I find myself agreeing with the likes of Ron Widen and Dennis Kuchinich and feel genuine embarrassment listening to RINO's such as King and John McCain.

Okay, here are the Newspeak rules. Reporters who report the truth should be jailed and bureaucrats who lie to Congress and the public are victims of circumstance.

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