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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

House hearings on Tea Parties on NOW c-Span

  Watch on c-Span.
  LIVE online here.
  There's also a C-Span APP available for phones. 
  Oh, and in case you're buying the Jim McDermott (my neighbors illegally tape Republicans) line that the Tea Parties have no right to a tax exempt status, just read this from J. Christian Adams over at Breitbart to read about all the outrageously Leftist groups who readily received 501c3 & 4 status. 
  The meme here from Democrats seems to be this: "Oh, we're really sorry the IRS made a stupid mistake but you all are controversial asking the taxpayers to subsidize your activities" and "This is kinda silly that y'all are upset about these things, even though it wasn't fair."
  UPDATE: Wow. I have to say the Dems were really lame-ass during the hearings. Now they're claiming they were treated the same way. Ha. McDermott was an IDIOT. BTW, heard almost the whole thing on c-Span radio. Pretty awesome. 
  Here's the McDermott idiocy. See for yourself.

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