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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When to accuse others of racism

  You'll note, I hope, that I resisted the urge to post commentary about how stupid Martin Bashir's ridiculous assertion is that by focusing on the IRS scandal, Obama's opponents are guilty of committing racism. Code language, the IRS word is, for calling Obama the N word.
  The web erupted with mockery the minute word got out.
  I HOWEVER resist.
Hot Air
Red State
The Blaze
And more
  Please note, as I said, that I resisted, believing my role in the commentariat is to get the angle of the whole picture from the commoner's point of view.
  So let's just get this straight.
  We can no longer refer to the IRS.
  From now on, the IRS must be referred to as the *I-word.*
  That way, nobody will be offended.
  And, of course, we have to stop digging into the offenses committed by the *I-word.*
  Tread carefully, we must.
  It's only right.

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