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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Marco, You Just Can't Cut It

Sorry Marco, but you just can't cut it. You have put the wishes of illegal's above the needs of average working Americans. You have sold out to the special interest who care only about cheap labor. In a post on another blog I called you the Senator from Face Book. You have sold out your Tea Party principles to a group of Silicon Valley billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn, who run companies where the top employees donate mostly to Democrats. Men whose only interest is the expansion of H-1B visas. These are the people who pay for those countless ads not conservatives. You even prattle the verbiage from their phony website. "Please help us fix our broken immigration system." They paid for this ad not Tea Party members. Not the people who put you were you are but the people who care only about their precious corporations. Eat your heart out, Chris Dodd, Rubio has taken crony capitalism to the next level.

When Kelly Ayotte announced her support for your plan they rushed out this video.

Most conservatives would not oppose an increase of H-1B visas. No one wants to see high tech companies offshore their work. What conservative, if you still remember who they are, do oppose is the saturation of the country with low skilled workers who will dramatically drive down wages in construction, meat packing and hotel industries. Our public schools do an excellent job of inundating the country with marginally employable dead beats with practically no English skills, we don't need anymore.
“We are very pleased with the progress and happy with what’s in the bill,” said Peter J. Muller, a former House aide who now works as the director of government relations at Intel. “It addresses many of the issues we’ve been advocating for years.”
As the New York Times reported;
Rob Jesmer, a former top Republican Senate strategist who helps run the new Zuckerberg-backed nonprofit group that sponsored the Rubio ad, insisted that his organization’s push is based on the personal convictions of the executives who donated to the cause and who believe immigration laws need to be changed. Those convictions just happen to line up with what their corporations are lobbying for as well, he said.
Marco, apparently your convictions just happen to line up with what corporations are lobbying for as well and that just does not cut it.

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  1. Yes. Rubio has become a shill for progressivism. How he sold out we may never know. Does the NSA have something on him?

    To quote an old X-Files line, TRUST NO ONE.