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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Leggo my Legos!

  So you might have noticed how academics have become increasingly detached and, shall we say, irrelevant (not to mention wrong).
  We have a great example of this in New Zealand, where one"university doctor" has declared that there are simply too many negative Lego faces out there and that's hurting children. (You remember. "if we can stop/save one _____, then we have to ___!" line)
Bartneck said in a press release, “We cannot help but wonder how the move from only positive faces to an increasing number of negative faces impacts on how children play.”
  Interesting that educators aren't worried about frightening children with suspension, police arrests and harassment if they make the mistake of talking about guns or biting their pop tarts into the shape of a revolver.
  A great example of the increasingly sophisticated lingo American intelligentsia employ to make their obscure irrelevant impressive points can be found over at the occupy website.
  Here is a portion of a "poem" written by someone over there who was undoubtedly wearing a plastic crown or helicopter wings while typing this very profound "poem", imagining a world without capitalism:
A playful place, a place of fun, a dancing world of bright colors, a world in which we bubble and overflow into one another and beyond.
A world without hard lines - a world in which identities exist only to be transcended. A world in which the basis of human existence is not identity, but the mutual recognition of our dignities.
Not 'I am', 'you are' — but I-you-we do-create-become. A different form of organization, a different form of coming together. The mutual recognition of humans, and also, in a different way, the mutual recognition of human and non-human forms of life.
Nonsense, of course, were it not for the fact that it already exists – as potential, as rebellion, as the force of the 'not yet' in the present.
To find the world that could exist after capitalism, we must look to the anti-worlds already being created in countless struggles against capitalism – countless cracks in the texture of capitalist domination.
  Hey, that "I-you-we do-create-become" is a great idea, eh? 
  'Cept we created the Tea Party and Occupy had so much respect for it that they copied it. Only the capitalists unionists paid/pay for their buses, their meals, their "expenses," not to mention the contributions of celebrities who feel guilty for having so much dough and so little to really contribute to society.
  Meanwhile I think I'll go find that "world without hard lines" known as sleep.

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