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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another hot IRS hearing

~House Oversight Committee meeting today on c-Span radio.  Today's hearing, which I am listening to on the c-Span app for iPhone, seems to be taking a different tack. 
  The IRS crooks employees are extremely apologetic, humble and self-effacing. It gets annoying, however, when they apologetically discuss "inappropriate" expenditures, "subsequent restructuring" and the need to "standing in the taxpayers' shoes" to "understand what taxpayers are feeling when dealing with the IRS," all euphemisms for crookery.
  The Republicans are hitting over and over the point that the IRS will be in charge of our health care decisions. Good. 
  No attendance was taken at the conference to know if people actually showed up to the seminars they were supposed to attend.
  The particular conference under the microscope today is the one that has been presented at a cost of $4.1 million dollars but only 90% of the cost was actually documented, as Hoosierman noted previously.
  At one point, however, one Republican asked if the IRS only has records for 90% of the costs and has no record of the other %10, how does the IRS know that only 10% is missing??
  In fact, when questioned, the IRS official could not say that the total cost was only $4.1 million but rather it might be more than $5 million?
  Some of the seminars held at the Anaheim resort included these titles?
Making Telework Work
Political Savvy How Not to Shoot Yourself in the Foot
Unintentional Tolerance: Don't Be So Nice
  Elijah Cummings to IRS official: "It means a lot to me that you are remorseful. You remind me of people in my district. This must have been hard for you and your family."
  Not to be missed is Trey Gowdy's questioning of Faris Fink. Gowdy spoke emotionally about most taxpayers' difficulty of making ends meet in 2010 while the IRS was partying at million dollar conferences with free rooms, free drinks, gadgets and no accountability.
  If I can get the video to post, I will.
  And here it is: 
  The other thing I want to add is that by now it is VERY apparent that the temporary head of the IRS has been sent in to soothe egos and worries and lull the public back into accepting the IRS as it is, with the repeated suggestions that "We'll take care of this internally. YOu don't need to worry about it." IOW, just settle down and leave us alone.
  Apparently the IRS doesn't like the idea of being abolished or corrected by anyone other than their unfireable selves.

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