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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why Sanders and Trump appeal to their bases

  If it's one thing I'm sick of, it's these elitists claiming they know what the Tea Party is all about: racism, class warfare, destruction of government.
  Let me clarify for their tiny brains:
  ~The Tea Party is made up of people of many races. The idea that protecting our borders and restricting moochers from draining the already empty public coffers is racist is the usual Leftist bilge that Donald Trump has tapped into.
  ~The party that is really good at class warfare is the Democrat party, which uses every opportunity to drive stakes between various genres of people while tossing the white middle class aside, particularly Christians, to the wolves. All the Christian white middle class has to do is pay for everything.
  ~Nobody I know wants the destruction of government. We just want manageable government that is responsible and responsive to the people of this country, particularly legal citizens. No one's ruthlessly trying to destroy all government. We just want, as Thoreau once wrote, the least government possible.
  Over at Instapundit, Elizabeth Foley sums it up very well in reference to an analysis written by the elitist Robert Reich. The topic is Reich's assertion that Trump appeals to the "wreckers" of the Tea party while Sanders appeals to the Occupy movement's "builders," those imminent slugs who pooped in the street, screamed invectives at working fools and raped people in their community of thugs.
  No, seriously. Once you stop laughing, read it here:
Trump and Sanders are popular for different reasons. Trump appeals to the conservative base of the GOP because he is willing to talk tough and defy a stifling and overwhelming atmosphere of political correctness.  Sanders appeals to the progressive base of the Democrats because he is willing to overtly and unapologetically push a progressive/Socialist agenda. Sanders has also gained attention simply because so many Democrats are looking for an alternative to scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton.
Do Americans–of all political stripes–distrust the D.C. “ruling class”? Yes, undoubtedly. And presidential candidates who can tap into this widespread frustration will do well. But neither Trump’s nor Sanders’ popularity is based on this sentiment. And Reich should check his #liberalbias.
  That Reich attempted to "analyze" the disgust we feel for the ruling elite is laughable. 
  That he is so badly deluded is pathetic
  Sanders, though a joke, appears to his base to be honest, of sorts.
  Trump, though a joke, also appears to be honest, of sorts.
  But I don't agree Clinton and Bush are inevitable.

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