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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Four Republicans beat Hillary in Iowa poll

The latest poll from left leaning Public Policy Polling brings more bad news for Hillary. In head to head match ups she loses to Walker, Rubio, and Huckabee by 1 and loses to Ben Carson by 4. The Duchess of Chappaqua can console herself with the knowledge that she beats Jeb Bush by 4, Trump
by 3, Paul by 3, and a gaggle of lesser knowns ( Cruz, Christie, Kasich, and Fiorina ) by 2. Ten days ago nobody knew who Carly Fiorina was now she is within 2 points of the inevitable Hillary!
Perusing the internals of the poll invites the conclusion that Iowa voters don't like anybody very much. Barack Obama has a 43% approval rating which beats Republican Governor Terry Branstad's 42%. Seventy percent them have never heard of Lincoln Chafee but 24% don't like him compared to 6% who do. Saint Martin O'Malley has a 14% favorable and a 25% unfavorable rating which is pretty bad when 61% never heard of him. Naturally Hillary and the Donald are underwater big time as are Chris Christie and Rand Paul but Ben Carson is well respected with a 41% /23% favorability rating.
Favorable Unfavorable
Ben Carson 41 23
Lincoln Chafee 6 24
Chris Christie 24 51
Hillary Clinton 38 52
Ted Cruz 30 43
Carly Fiorina 31 29
Mike Huckabee 37 43
John Kasich 23 25
Martin O'Malley 14 25
Rand Paul 22 53
Marco Rubio 37 35
Bernie Sanders 34 31
Donald Trump 30 57
Scott Walker 32 39
I wish they had polled Megyn Kelly.

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