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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Republican firing squad

Everyone who has worked in the construction industry for sometime has or has heard a story about a large project, a power plant, a bridge or a dam that was mismanaged to the point that work all but halted. Eventually after several superintendents had been hired and fired an outsider showed up and without ceremony announced that he was prepared to fire until he got it right and did just that. After a week only few journeymen and no foremen were left. He then began to hire new people, turned the project around, completed the work and moved on. The thinking behind this drastic action is that good help is irreparably damaged by bad management. The American public is now at the point where it is prepared to fire until it gets it right. Support for non sequiturs such as Trump, Carson and Fiorina is driven more by desperation than outrage or personal attraction to the aforementioned candidates.
There is a broad consensus that the federal government is mismanaged. The Secret Service has acquired a frat boy image as upon at least three occasions alcohol or sex have figured into minor scandals. Drug Enforcement Administration agents have been accused of consorting with prostitutes who were paid by the drug cartels. Veterans have died waiting for medical treatment while the hospital administrators who were responsible for their deaths got bonuses instead of jail time. Administration official regularly lie to congress with impunity. The EPA spills toxins in pristine rivers, the ATF expedites gun running, and Congress registers as a small business to bilk the taxpayers into paying for its healthcare. Those are just some of the minor scandals but the maltreatment inflicted by the IRS upon Tea Party is a major scandal as is the Hillary Clinton secret server scandal.
The IRS and Hillary scandals are unique in that civil service employees were either complicit or conspired with elected and appointed office holders to break the law and I'm not talking about the security guard who works third shift in some federal office building. I am talking about FBI Director James Comey and the appointed under and deputy secretaries of state who have imperiled national security by knowingly allowing sensitive information to remain unsecured for more than a year. When officials in the State Department learned Hillary's lawyer, David Kendall, had top secret information on a thumb drive their response was to send him a safe notwithstanding the fact that he had no legal right to have top secret documents in his possession. Where does incompetence end and criminality begin?
Director Comey is the consummate political insider and the latest in a long string of unremarkable FBI directors. He was appointed as a US attorney by Bush in in 2002 and basks in the warm glow of bipartisan approval. After all he is responsible for getting felons like Martha Stewart of the streets but he lacks the rectitude to uphold his oath of office lest he offend Hillary. The man is a damned disgrace as are countless others in the diplomatic and intelligence communities who have abdicated their responsibilities and and betrayed their oaths of office for the sake of political expediency and to safe guard the Washington establishment's hegemony. Do not wait for national security Republicans such as Peter King or John McCain to question this bipartisan conspiracy of silence. They are charter members.
Donald Trump is where he is in recent polls because reality TV viewers really think he would fire nincompoops like Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy at the drop of a hat or ask the Senate to remove James Comey. Again the public is ready to fire until it gets it right but will eventually chose someone with a background in politics. The first wave of the Tea Party washed through Washington in 2010. The only acceptable candidates to the Republican base are those who came into office in that first upheaval or since. Forget John Kasich. He is an integral part of the Washington-Wall Street axis. Chris Christie did his best to further his career at the expense of Mitt Romney with his Obama hugs and he will not be forgiven. That leaves Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Scott Walker which is 5 more viable candidate than the Democrats have. One of them will be president. Let's hope they will fire until they get it right.

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