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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hillary will turn over the server. Now we'll learn all about her yoga routine.

Just hours after the Intelligence Community inspector general informed the Senate that two emails that Hillary had turned over to the State Department contained top secret information and after Senate Judiciary Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley had skewered the Justice Department and the FBI for doing very little to secure classified data in Hillary's possession the elderly presidential candidate announced that she would turn over her server to the DOJ. Her attorney was also instructed, by Hillary, to turn over three thumb drives containing data from the server.
Do not believe the spin coming from the Clinton campaign that it had reached this decision on its own. It was an either give us the server or we'll come get it proposition, an offer she couldn't refuse. Read more here, here, and here.
Just yesterday Hillary affirmed under penalty of perjury that she had turned over all emails relevant to State Department business. It would be regrettable if that is not true.

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