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Thursday, August 6, 2015

The war on coal is turning Kentucky red.

Things may be about to change. Republicans have occupied the Kentucky governor's mansion for only 4 of the last 43 years but the Democratic leaning PPP poll has Mitch McConnell's primary challenger Matt Bevin leading Democrat Jack Conway 40% to 38% with 22% undecided. It's a slim lead and more than a year before the election but Bevin's strength is surprising. In 2010 Conway was the odds on favorite to win a Senate seat before he was vanquished by a Bowling Green ophthalmologist named Rand Paul.
Candidly, I'm still bothered by Bevin's character or the remarkable lack thereof. There was the false claim to be a graduate of MIT on his Linkedin which might be forgivable but using his teen daughter to rebut the accusation ( "Mitch McConnell is telling a bunch of lies about my dad. Don't be fooled.") is shabby even by Kentucky's standards of political discourse.
Looking further in the poll, it appears it's a bad time to be a Democrat in Kentucky. Alison Lundergan Grimes, McConnell's opponent in the general election may have trouble getting her old job back. In the race for Secretary of State the Lexington heart throb trails unknown Steve Knipper 42% to 47% and Andy Beshear, the half bright son of the popular incumbent governor Steve Beshear, trails another unknown, Whitney Westerfield 36% to 41%. With a little luck Republicans could hold every statewide office after the 2016 elections as the political casualties pile up in Obama's war on coal.

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