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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Democrat War on Black Americans

  Here's another video from yet another frustrated Black mother who has had it with the Black Lives Matter crowd who repeatedly venerate thugs and criminals who are taken down by police. This week, the "mourning" was for a repeat criminal who was shot dead because he shot at police when they tried to serve an arrest warrant on him.
  The trigger for Peggy Hubbard's video was that also this week, a 9 year old girl was sitting on her mother's bed doing her homework when a "stray" bullet killed her while another "stray" bullet wounded her mother. Her grandmother held her in her arms as she died, begging her to "just breathe. Just breathe."
  Imagine your child cozying up in your room, on your bed~safe and secure~while she obediently surrounds herself with her books, paper and pen and does her homework for the last time.
   Yet no Black Lives Matter protesters mourned this child, who will never graduate, never marry, never have children or be a grandmother herself.
  Peggy Hubbard has some thoughts on the subject. Note that the video is NSFW, filled with cuss words, appropriately so, to my mind.
  I might quibble with Ms. Hubbard in several areas.
  ~White people do care about the incarceration and death rates of young black males, and not just because their violent behavior spills over to the white community.
  ~Just as her contention that all lives matter applies to everyone, Ms. Hubbard's admonitions regarding incarceration apply to all races.  You did it, you claim it, don't expect everyone else to feel sorry for you and come visit you in prison.
  ~If more families were like Ms. Hubbard's, we'd all be better off. As she says, she and his father told her son that you will face consequences for the choices you make, not us. They taught their son how to behave while he chose a different path, contrary to what he'd been taught.
  ~Black Lives Matter is funded by a white dude named George Soros, even though Leftists are squealing that Soros can't control the foci of all the many dissident groups he funds. Fomenting hatred has spawned hateful protesters who stormed a Soros office, demanding they be paid the $5000 a month they were promised and starting the Twitter hashtag #cutthecheck.  I'm not saying this means that illegal behavior is not the responsibility of the person who committed it; by pointing out the Soros connection, I'm saying that there is a War on Black Americans in this country and it's being encouraged by white Democrats, who believe the hatred empowers their own notion of a less free, more controlled country. Controlled by them, of course.
  ~The Democrats who are encouraging this War on Black Americans do not want truth and honesty such as having to show ID to vote; they want to manipulate the system to their own advantage, cheating and intimidating so they can win. Since they enjoy a monolithic vote from a minority which never seems to grow primarily because of abortion, Democrats can do whatever they want to this minority and not be held accountable.
  ~The government giveaways to single mothers help control the behavior of both black mothers and fathers, as they are dependent on the government to "provide for" their children, rather than take that responsibility on themselves. It's a slippery slope.
  ~ Democrat ideals are perfectly on display at the various Democrat run cities around the US: Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC. Not much more needs to be said than that, though Colonel West sums it up here. Democrats consistently encourage positions that work against the public interest of black Americans.
  So here's Ms. Peggy Hubbard who has already has over 5 million views, speaking eloquently from her heart:

From my heart!
Posted by Peggy Hubbard on Thursday, August 20, 2015

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