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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sell the post office to someone who can run it

I have advocated for some time that everyone who pays federal taxes, not those who file just to collect earned income welfare should receive one share of Amtrak stock and one share of Post Office stock. As soon as someone managed to buy up a controlling interest in each entity they could operate it as they saw fit. Obviously the group or individual who would buy up the stock would be doing it to earn a return on the investment meaning the new management would do all that it could to please customers and earn loyalty through price and efficiency. Today I'm more adamant than ever in that opinion for a very personal reason.
A neighbor called today to tell my wife that the reason the neighborhood did not get mail delivery yesterday was because the letter carrier had seen a menacing dog in the area therefore mail delivery was suspended on two blocks for that day.
No one is that goddam stupid! I yelled at my wife.
Oh yes they are. A call to the post office confirmed the preposterous policy but offered the consolation that I was welcome to come into the post office and pick up my mail. Forty-four cents for a letter and they can't deliver it because someone saw a dog somewhere? Hell I'm in the neighborhood 24/7 more or less I haven't seen the dog but evidently the threat is in the eye of the beholder. I perceive the homeless looking postal workers I see to be more menacing than any dog. It would not be the end of the world if Fed Ex or UPS took over the USPS.

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  1. This is appalling but typical of so many government institutions. There seems to be NO local control of behavior of government officials. It's disgusting.