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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hillary!'s future and Obama

  So the serial liar Hillary Clinton (what IS it with Democrats and lying?) has been caught lying about the lack of security regarding her personal email server, as noted by The Hill.
  The Daily Beast delicately refers to her lie that she "never sent or received any information that was classified" as an "assertion" that has been "overturned."
  ("Ma! I did NOT eat the last piece of pie! Really!" "Honey, quit it. Everybody knows your assertion has been overturned.")
  In addition, it appears she/her people stripped off the email markings of "top secret" were stripped from her correspondence.
  What's most interesting about the current situation are the political implications of Hillary! turning over her server (flash: all data is gone from the drive) to the government (which belonged to the government anyway) is that it is now in the hands of Obama's Department of Justice's Loretta Lynch.
  Very interesting, considering that now Hillary!'s political future is in the hands of the Obama people.
  Bad blood between the Obamas and Clintons?
  Sure. How can these rivaling narcissistic egos survive on such a small stage of American politics?
  But the good news for Hillary! is that she still leads over Bernie Sanders.

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