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Monday, August 3, 2015

EPA moves in yet again

  In yet another assault on our economy and national security, the Obama administration has levied yet more regulations on our energy infrastructure.
  It's old news, even though these new regulations were introduced to the public today by the EPA, who are always up to mischief.
  In addition to threatening home fireplaces, barbecue grills and heating stoves, the EPA now wants to shut down energy sources improve the quality of energy in our country because Obama, standing in front of Coast Guard graduates has identified climate change as the primary threat America faces.
  This just gets so stupid I can hardly stand it.
  We're kow towing to Iran, Russia, Cuba and maybe Venezuela, perhaps even obligating our military to defend Iran's nukes against an Israeli defensive attack, and Obama can only quake at the prospect of climate change.
  EPA's Gina "Pat" McCarthy announced their data are "secret" and wasn't exactly sure how much CO2 is exactly in the atmosphere. Later, rubbing salt in the wound, she announced that today was an "incredibly wicked cool moment".

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