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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Are the Democrats trying to throw the election?

Other than that was there anything else that makes you think Adolph Eichmann was not a decent man? Hillary's Democratic rivals seem to have taken the opposite tack. They nitpick about the particulars aspects of her free college for everyone plan or carp that she is not really serious about raising minimum wage but simply cannot address the subject of her secret server and the hazards to national security her actions may have caused. Are these guys serious candidates or just shills recruited by the Clinton campaign the give the voters the perception of a meaningful primary election campaign? Are they too afraid to speak to the obvious scandal that will soon engulf their party. Afraid of whom? Bill Clinton? Barack Obama? Are they afraid to antagonize Hillary voters or donors? One has to conclude they are not serious candidates.
Do a Google search of Bernie Sander, Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb along with Hillary email and you will find nothing except Lincoln Chafee making the concession that Mrs. Clinton’s ethics are something “we should be talking about.” How courageous! He's a regular rabble rouser.
Watch Martin O'Malley refuse to comment on Hillary's email server even when asked.

Yes, let Hillary's lawyers answer the questions. They may eventually get their day in court but in the meantime do not expect Democrats to admit their probable candidate is a felon. Pathetic cowards!

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