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Friday, August 28, 2015

Back and forth about Donald Trump

    I don't know what to make of Donald Trump. Personally I can't stand the guy; I've heard him repeatedly on Fox and each time, I couldn't wait until he got off.
  But then I hear him dress down Jorge Ramos or Bush and I laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh. And it's not just because he's so anti-PC or rude.
  It's like watching a train wreck at night where no one dies but all you can do is say "ooo" at the fireworks and drama.
  Then again, I don't understand the appeal he has for so many die hard conservatives who can't stop talking about him and are as slavishly adoring as Obama's fans are. They don't care where he stands on issues or the fact that he's changed positions so many times that he can't even keep his current positions straight.
  Yet Donald Trump has certainly made the Republican field better, pushing the other candidates to reveal themselves and on some occasions, their cowardice regarding certain issues and making commitments to standing up against the Republican establishment, which I think conservatives despise more than Leftists.
   I don't believe for one minute that Trump's favorite book is the Bible: thus, pandering to a select group with lies to trick them into voting for you? Sounds familiar.
   We have a divisive extremely divisive man in the White House now. Do we really need another one?
  But then he puts one of those insufferable blowhards on the skewer and Donald Trump is the puppet master again, orchestrating a circus reality show of national proportion which somehow serves as a distraction from the nastiness of the world around us.
  And somehow that distraction seems to have a cleansing effect in a red pill kind of way.
  So back and forth I go.
  But at the end of the day, the real question is this.
  What in the world is Ted Cruz up to with The Donald?

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