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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hillary aide Cheryl Mills intends to destroy emails

This could get real interesting real fast.
One would think that there was a sane limit to the Clintonian hauteur that has outraged the public for the last two decades but it appears limitless and indeed is contagious. On July 31 Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered the State Department to “request that Hillary Clinton and her top State Department aides Human Abedin and Cheryl Mills confirm, under penalty of perjury, that they have produced all government records in their possession, return any other government records immediately, and describe their use of Hillary Clinton’s email server to conduct government business.”
He also ordered the State Department to provide a status report. Not only are Hillary and her ladies-in-waiting defying that order, Cheryl Mills, through her attorney, has announced her intention to destroy all document in her possession after she has turned over what documents she thinks the State Department needs to see. Her attorney advised the State Department;
Ms. Mills does not believe that she has paper copies of potential federal records in her possession. Following our production on August 10, 2015, we have instructed her to delete any and all electronic copies in her possession.
Judicial Watch, which has been doing the work congressional Republican won't do, filed an urgent response advising Judge Sullivan of the planned destruction of documents / evidence.
Don't these people read the newspapers? This is the same judge who last month threatened to hold IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in contempt of court along with the DOJ attorney who is representing the IRS. This is the same judge who appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the DOJ prosecutors who prosecuted Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens after holding them in contempt. It could be that the law is just for little people as Hillary and co-conspirators think but this is bet they had better not lose.

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