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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tricky Prickly Hillary emerges from the shadows to promise more disappearing messages

   A hopeful UK Telegraph headline highlights the robotically executed and scripted crazy talk speech we featured yesterday of Hillary mocking the American people's concern about her deceitfulness and illegality regarding her federal communications as an State Department employee of the American people. 
  She's opened a Snapchat account (to which her admirers cheered) and bragged, "I love it. I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves," indicating what kind of "transparent" administration she would run if elected.
  The Guardian writer thinks that Hillary "steals the show" at this Democrat lovefest which is nothing new for the Clintons considering they stole furniture from the White House when they left, probably because they were "flat broke." Headline:
Hillary Clinton steals the show at Iowa Democrats meet  
Former Secretary of State delivered the best speech of her presidential campaign at the Iowa Wing Dings dinner
  The left wing sychophants at the Telegraph titled this vindictive animatron speech as "the best" she's ever given, accompanied with no apparent awareness or animus by this photograph:
Getty Images
  Sorta reminded me of the Democrat controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's ethics when working against this guy:
    Anyway you may remember this 2008 Obama ad featuring a 1984 style anti-Hillary. It's pretty remarkable, not only considering that Obama has turned out to be the phattest Newspeaker in American history but also in its accuracy in depicting Hillary still today.

  And really, what's not to love about this woman? 
  She's about as warm as pet rock and about as close to human as one can get without actually being human which is a tv show about vampires and such who try real hard to be human.
  Now that I think about it, Hillary should actually watch that show. Maybe she'd learn something.

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