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Friday, August 28, 2015

A Trump movement?

I was a little surprised when my friend said with no indication of jesting said that he would like to have one of those Trump caps. The ones that say, "Make America Great Again". We have been down some very dusty roads together over the last 30 years and shared some good times too. What the hell, I thought as I logged on to Amazon. It's the least I can do. I ordered him a "Make America Great Again" cap. I did not order one for myself but that day may come.
The exciting thing about Trump is that he is exciting. I actually relish his press conferences. Hell yes, he's bombastic and he can be testy and sometimes seems to complain too much but he is never dull. Yes, I'm aware that he tries to include Mexico and China in every answer. I'm aware that he has yet to spell out what in the federal budget he would cut, how he feels about the EPA Clean Power plan to cripple the country and will he back Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood but sooner or later he will be forced into a decision on these issues well before the Iowa caucuses. I am also aware that others in the field have switched positions on a variety of issues and if trying not to keep too many balls in the air is Trump's tactic it is wildly successful. Popular pundits who get paid big bucks to know about politics sagacious state that he has tapped into something. Oh please. Remember when your mother would take you to the doctor who would stick a thermometer in your mouth and listen to your chest with his cold stethoscope and then tell your mother "There's a lot of that going around" before giving you a shot of penicillin? Political analysis is about that deep when it comes to Trump. As of late Trump has taken up the pundits' theme as he claims he is part of an undefined movement. He may be right. No one knew that the anti Vietnam War protests were much of a movement until a little known senator from Minnesota, Eugene McCarthy won 42% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary essentially driving a sitting president into early retirement. Trump maybe be leading a second wave of anti-establishment angst that produced the Tea Party in 2010 which would qualify for tapping into something.
Don't give that "he's all style and no substance" cant. I wish to hell someone else would try to cultivate that style. Why is Jeb Bush trailing Trump by 21 points in the latest Quinnipiac poll? Because he is self righteous, boring ,pedantic and looks like he just swallowed a fly. He is Obama in white face.
Donald Trump tells the people what they want to hear? Better than John Kasich telling the people his dad was a mailman six times in 15 minutes or Rick Santorum's recounting his grandfather's sorry career as a coal miner for two primary cycles. By all means tell people what they don't want to hear. Tell them that you were an Eagle Scout in every speech. Tell them you dad was a bartender. Tell them how you overcame the temptation to do drugs. Then wonder why you are at 2 percent in the polls.
But how long can he keep this act up? Who knows? Chris Christie was able to keep it up for a good four years. Just bluster. Zero accomplishments. In that Quinnipiac poll Trump, Carson, and Fiorina take 45% of the vote. One percent prefer someone else and 11% don't know. That means the remaining 14 candidates, all professional politicians, share just 43 percent. Why? Because those three have something to say. Something that hasn't been focus group tested. Something that challenges the power elite's claim to legitimacy. Something that seems heartfelt.
Ted Cruz and the Donald are set to appear at an event organized by the Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Politics, and the Zionist Organization of America to oppose the Iran nuclear deal. A few more bold steps such as this and I may order that cap.


  1. I dunno. I'm just so tired of the phonies, lying their way through press conferences, repeating the same tired tropes, acting as if they are entitled to the presidency because it's THEIR TURN. Ugh. Trump is definitely refreshing. Is he real? I don't know.

    1. I think "real" is a relative term these days but least we know the hair is really real. Did you read the Peggy Noonan post?