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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trump on Mexican Illegals: "They have to go."

NBC released this preview of tomorrow's Meet the Press.
Donald Trump will probably succeed in driving the media cycle again this week. One has to admire his abruptness. "Chuck, either we have a country or we don't have a country". As president Trump makes it clear that he would reverse Obama's executive amnesty. He is speaking not only of the order that is now tied up in a Brownsville, Texas court but also the "Dreamer" amnesty.


The last time Trump addressed the immigration problem Jeb Bush found his remarks to be "extraordinarily ugly." Since then Jeb's polling numbers may aptly be called "extraordinarily ugly". Both the CNN / ORC and the Suffolk polls show him treading water at 5% in Iowa  although he does marginally better in two other polls.

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