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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Your Open Source 30 Round Assault Rifle Is Ready For Download

Your open source 30 round assault rifle is ready for download. Click "next" to continue. The ability to manufacture your own rifle or handgun would certainly exempt you from troublesome background checks, possible registration is some future governmental database, and annoying waiting periods.That day is fast approaching. It may not be as simple as copy, cut, and paste but manufacturing as the world knows it is on the cusp of an industrial revolution not seen since the invention of the steam engine. Setting aside the fun of reproducing your own Super Bowl ring or a nifty pair of Cartier earrings for the spouse the term "intellectual property" is apt to be heard much more frequently in the very near future. Defense Distributed, a 501c not for profit organization in Austin Texas, is seeking to establish a "collaborative community" along the lines of open source Linux operating system. As they put it;

Defense Distributed is organized to produce and publish information related to the 3D printing of firearms. Beginning with little expertise and less financial backing, the group first believed this production would be a limited, trial and error process. Fortunately, in recent months our expertise and capabilities have been greatly supplemented, but the first order production goal remains the same: produce and publish a file for a completely printable gun- or as near to completely printable as actually possible with current technologies. You may have heard of printed rifle receivers and plastic Glock handguns, but this project imagines firearms only at their most essential: what printable configuration of geometries and materials will allow for the reliable and safe firing of a single round of ammunition?

Under this plan probably no one individual would produce an entire weapon but rather component parts would be traded and assembly expertise disseminated so that a reasonable intelligent individual could assemble his own weapon.
This week DefDist unveiled its new Cuomo clip, a 30 round magazine named for a not too smart, politically ambitious New York governor who seems to think making criminals out of a large segment of the voters will lead to safer schools.

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