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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

USPS clothing line? Why not? Nothing else works

  I guess I have no objection to the flailing USPS branching out to try to start another business considering the mess they've made of the current one. I mean, why not move when you've completely ruined the house you live in.
  I just have a few questions, as we learn that the Postal Service will be making a lines of clothes named "Rain Heat and Snow." It's actually not a bad idea to produce well-made weatherproof clothing, as long as the pants don't have stripes down the leg and the shirts aren't emblazoned with the USPS logo.
  Considering that their business model basically sucks, one wonders what kind of business model the line of clothing will have.
  Like this, for example.
  Will the makers of this clothing be state side? Or in China?
  In a right to work state where costs are containable? Or will the clothing be so expensive that no one will buy it but postal workers?
  Or will they be union members who will receive all the same holidays as their Rain Heat Snow counterparts, housed in staunchly liberal run overpaid cities?
  If these clothes makers are unionists, will they receive the same fat pensions that the current USPS workers receive? The fat pensions that are causing the USPS to go belly up?
  And the final quandary I have as I study the proposal that the government go into clothes making is this.
  Everyone knows that their mail isn't delivered during "rain heat and snow." In fact, sometimes the mail persons do not deliver mail at all. They skip your house if you've something heavy to be delivered or if they want to get to an early lunch. 
  The whole rain heat snow thing is based on something that maybe happened about 150 years ago when the Pony Express delivered mail but it sure doesn't happen now. It's quite odd when it rains very hard that no mail is delivered.
  Oh, and one last thing. 
  Has anyone noticed how slovenly most USPS workers dress these days? Because if current employees are the models, I'll pass.
  There used to be a dress code required, back in the days when the Post was actually making money. Now you see shirts hanging out, dirty pants and shoes, sports team caps.
  So anyway I was just thinking maybe the USPS ought to rethink these matters before they get too deeply in the clothes business.


  1. Yeah, maybe they could partner with Sears or JC Penny since both of these companies seem to be going in the same direction as the USPS. Using letter carriers to model the latest fashions would solve the sloppy dresser problem. Sometimes I think they recruit their help from homeless shelters but put something trendy on them like a seersucker suit, or bell bottom pants or the ultimate in body conscious sophistication, the sack dress and all that changes. Good idea!

  2. Or K-Mart! Excellent! (I just passed a site the other day where originally stood a K-Mart only to be shocked to see that it was gone. Nothing remained but a cracked cement field.)

    I've just noticed the absolutely deplorable state of our letter carriers. Oops. Rather I should say our "junk mail" carriers because that's what it's become.