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Friday, February 8, 2013

The American people are just as responsible for the Benghazi deaths as Obama

  Remember the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign ad?
  It's 3 in the morning, the phone is ringing and who do you want answering the red phone at the White House to make sure Americans are safe?
  Of course, Hillary thought it was herself but the American people decided they wanted Barack Hussein Obama to man that phone.
  And now we know.
  He went to sleep and hung a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his doorknob while Americans died in Benghazi.
  American people, I have a question.
  Where are you?
  Do you not care that the President of the United States was so, shall we say, disengaged from the office that he quickly told Leon Panetta "just take care of it," made himself unavailable and then didn't even bother to check throughout the night whether those brave Americans shooting it out for 7 hours on the rooftops in Benghazi had survived?
  How bitter, then, to watch this 5 year old video and know that this man whom you elected doesn't even care enough to bother to answer the phone, much less take any measures to save the lives of men who were desperately fighting, thinking, hoping we leave no man behind and reinforcements will still alive.
  Watch this and know that YOU, the American people, refuse to hold this man accountable for the incredibly bad--no, criminal--job he is doing.
  Because YOU, the American people, are just as responsible for the deaths of those 4 people as Barack Hussein Obama since YOU elected him and YOU refuse to hold him responsible.
  So let's revisit the familiar excuse Leftists are using to snatch our weapons of self defense.
  If it would save one life...
  But to quote a famous person.
  What difference does it make?


  1. The New Year has already brought us Mali, more unanswered nuke threats from North Korea, threats of Obama amnesty, a January payroll tax hike on the middle class, and no plan for spending cuts. Next year the Affordable Care Act kicks in full throttle and we can start to find out just how much Obamacare is going to cost. The next four years are going to hurt. Obama backers abdicated their responsibility and again voted for dependence in 2012. Now we all have to pay.

  2. Yes, we do, except some of us are more prepared than others. Know what I mean?

    On a side note, the one phrase repeated more often than any other in The Bible was this: Fear not.