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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kasich disappoints Ohio

  From the Ohio Liberty Coalition comes concern over Governor Kasich's decision to put Ohio into the Obamacare exchange and increase Medicaid in the state. 
  This is a great disappointment to the people of Ohio who voted against being part of this federal boondoggle. We all know where this will lead; though the feds say now they will cover most of the cost, everyone knows that carrot is just a trick to weasel into state structure with more and more regulations.
  Ohio Liberty Coalition:
  • The most devastating item in the budget proposal is governor Kasich's push to advance Obamacare in Ohio by choosing to expand Medicaid. This expansion will, if enacted, grow government in our state, foster more dependency, and mire the poorest Ohioans in an unsustainable health care scheme leaving a mountain of debt in its wake. It's also a slap in the face to all of us that worked tirelessly to put the Healthcare Freedom Amendment on the ballot and win the issue in November 2011.
  • While the budget is being touted by the governor and some in the media as "cutting taxes", it provides much of the revenue for these alleged cuts by actually raising taxes in other areas. One example of this is a newly proposed tax on "services" (i.e. such as accountants, consultants, professional services, etc.).
  • The proposed budget includes a reintroduction of governor Kasich's redistributive proposal to raise the "severance tax" on oil and gas producers. This scheme to "spread the wealth around" via a statewide tax cut not only violates private property rights, but also does harm to one of the key job producing industries so desperately needed in our state.
  While Rush somewhat excused Kasich's decision as political practicality for Kasich's re-election campaign, we have to wonder if Kasich has forgotten his words as recently as August lamenting the spread of federal influence and encroachment on the states.
Again to the coalition:
“Now, when it comes to Medicaid expansion the government tells me, ‘Well, we’ll pay 90% and you pay 10.’ Well I’ve been in Washington, unfortunately, and today it’s 90 and tomorrow it’s 80 and the next day it’s 70.” (Kasich, Coffee & Markets podcast, August 2, 2012)
  This action on the part of Ohio's governor--in spite of the will of the people--is not only a great disappointment, but an abrogation of both trust and responsibility.
  Are we not as citizens responsible for the country we leave to our children? Are we not as citizens to encourage fiscal sanity? Instead, this decision will lead to further debt, further federal entanglements and more impossible regulations that will only degrade health care and any hope for reining in the massive expansion coming our way.
  There are contact numbers over at this link. Time to get active again. Get off our duffs. 

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