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Monday, February 25, 2013

Michelle's $9000 dress

  It's good to know Tea Partiers aren't the only ones sick of Michelle Obama, who crashed the Oscars Sunday (apparently). 
  She of the 99% wore a $9,000 dress to "present" the award.
  I gotta say, the bangs suck. 
  The huge glossy lips are weird and the bangs are way, way too long. You can hardly see her eyes. I take my dog to the vet when her bangs get that long (not that I'm comparing FLOTUS to my dog. My dog's a great dog.).
  People as backdrop. Yeah. That's the Obama way. Especially great when the people are military. Like, yeah. 
  Why not have the unacknowledged formally dressed military buttress your appearance when you're presenting an Academy Award, after all. 
  That makes a LOT of sense!
  I'm trying to imagine an instance where I in any instance could justify spending at least $9000 on one outfit that people would see for 5 minutes.
  But I guess when you're one of the 99% 1% chosen elite--the anointed aka Democrat--you can do anything you want without the press going after you.
  I forgot to mention that she says Hollywood is doing "vitally important work," unlike her husband's lack of interest in the 4 murders of Americans in Benghazi while he went to bed.


  1. I don't understand this .. first i will admit to sleeping through most of this but what the heck? Why is she pimping for Hollywood? Is this some kind of election pay off. I mean really, were any of the movies even about her expertise.... you know how to make a garden at the White House for 1 million dollars, or how to tell people we care about the little people .... because they look that small when I fly over them on government paid planes while en route to her next vacation.
    And now for the award for best actor in a documentary about"how to pretend to care while golfing and being cool, while the country goes to hell"....the winner is.....oh let the press fill in the blank_____

  2. Well, the movie was about the government saving people in an Islamist country while Obama's critics lamented he let Americans die in Benghazi when he went to bed, uninterested in the outcome of their struggle.

    And yes, some noted that the two are fairly incestuous...Obama's Democrats and Hollywood.