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Monday, February 25, 2013

Gun control IS racist

  It's been long suspected that gun control laws are racist.  
  Take a look at the much ballyhooed Planned Parenthood whose original goal was limiting the Black population; that it certainly has done with millions and millions of Black babies aborted every year, so much so that the Black population is no longer the largest minority in this country.
  The concern appears to have occurred to a number of people that gun control laws are aimed at the poorest minority communities in the country. The major liberal cities have the most stringent gun control laws, the most violence, and the most defenseless law abiding citizens who have no way to defeat the most horrible of criminals.
  The general populace is being subjected to various ploys to line up public sympathy against gun ownership and, as usual, this administration chooses to legislate and activate by sob story with cadres of miserable victims lined up behind them as they agitate to pass new [fill in the blank] law/regulation.
  Now that Black ministers have stated on record opposing more gun control as "people control" (of Blacks) rather than gun control, it will be interesting to see if this administration bothers to respond to the anger they have engendered by advocating that the Second Amendment be ignored.
  And now that the NRA has exposed the DOJ memo detailing a path toward registration and eventual confiscation of all firearms, the heat is turned up by the thousands who turned out for pro gun rallies across the country Saturday, even while Obama's people resorted to paying people $11 an hour and busing them in to show up at gun control rallies because so few are interested. (Of course, this is nothing new for the unions. They've been busing people in for years.)
  Yet Joe Biden had the temerity to claim that most Americans want gun control and that no one, NO ONE is concerned that their Constitutional rights are being infringed.

  Funny, but we seemed to have the impression that Biden, as usual, as not only wrong but spectacularly and doofusly wrong.
  Here's a transcript of Biden's speech at Western Connecticut University:
We should all know the American people are with us. We all should know there's a moral price to be paid for inaction.....The organized opposition...throws up question after question not because they're looking for answers, not because they're driven by facts, not because they're looking for a way forward but because they're looking for roadblocks. Every one of these chats I do on the internet....on's amazing some of the questions I get...they say, "All you're gonna do is....deny a lady abiding citizen their's not true! They say assault weapons like AR 15s are needed for self protection and recreation. They are not! (applause) There's [sic] plenty of ways to protect yourself!....They say it isn't about guns. They're wrong! It is about guns! [applause] Let me say at the outset to all the press: NO LAW ABIDING CITIZEN OF THe United States of America has ANY FEAR THAT THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS WILL BE INFRINGED IN ANY WAY! [applause] NONE! ZERO!
  I dunno. What do you think? 

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