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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Woman: They'll just have to kill me

  I love this. LOVE this because it reveals what idiots these peaceniks are. They'd rather be murdered by a depraved individual than defend themselves, THEY SAY.
  A few dozen people show up in Atlanta to "mourn" the shooting of Trayvon Martin and protest gun violence. 
  Their solution is to get rid of "gun vi-lence [sic]." Presumably this is by depriving honest citizens from owning guns to defend themselves, because as you can hear, this woman implies she would not want ONE CHILD to die because she owned a gun. No, she'd rather DIE (be murdered by) that child.
Woman:Sef defense is not an option. It is not an option.
Reporter:But what if someone's trying to kill you?
Woman:They'll just have to kill me, Christopher.
  Ok, no.
  They're not killing me, if I have a choice.
  I wonder if this woman has ever heard of the Darwin Awards.
  Because both she and her attacker, IMHO, would be great candidates.
CBS Atlanta 46

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