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Friday, February 8, 2013

The state of Obamaland today

  This is an email from a friend of mine regarding our current state of affairs; I believe it perfectly summarizes the state of affairs of today's political situation.
So we now know that our illustrious President was too busy picking out clothes for his upcoming trip to Las Vegas to worry about the fate of Americans in harms way. We also know that our Secretary of State was AWOL and derelict in her duty to protect the mission in Benghazi too. 
We have also learned the Attorney General has issued a DOJ White Paper that allows the President to use his judgment in lieu of a little impediment otherwise known as “due process.” 
Now that we know these things.....what have we learned? 
I ask this in the context of how can this country, this citizenry, the media, who are so quick to champion the cause of a Sandra Flock, whose life is in shambles because she cannot afford birth control pills without Government assistance, remain silent as four of our countrymen are murdered by the misfeasance and malfeasance of our elected and appointed leaders. 
The testimony of Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta should have opened eyes across this land. The fact that this President was aware of an attack against American citizens overseas, rather, an attack against America taking place overseas and chose to do nothing is nothing less than criminal. 
The release of the DOJ “White Paper” that outlined the criteria to allow not just the President but ANY “high-ranking government official” the ability to order the murder of an American citizen. 
Not just an enemy combatant, but rather an assumed “imminent threat” to the safety and security of the US. Regardless if he is on our shores or 10,000 miles away without due process has to be the height of Constitutional abandonment. 
But what have we learned. 
We have learned there exists a great apathy in this country. We have learned the media is willing to sell it’s soul for access to this charlatan in the White House. We have learned the general population has become a nation of followers and takers rather than leaders. And most importantly, we have learned there is NO ONE who is willing to stand up and say ENOUGH. 
We have become too fat and complacent. We will no longer fight for what our Founding Fathers envisioned as a great republic. And soon it will all slip away. To be nothing more than a line or two in a revisionist history book about a country that once was.
If we wait too much longer this will come to pass... 
I am old, tired, and afraid my kids and grandkids will never experience the greatness that was once America. They will never see the technological advances that the US pioneered. They will never experience the awe of sitting in a crowded elementary cafeteria, watching the United States first sub-orbital space flight. Nor will they stay up late at night and watch a grainy black and white TV picture beamed from the moon as an American became the first human to step foot an another heavenly body.  
They will miss the good, the bad, and the ugly which was America in the 50’s and 60’s as a class of minority citizens made their case for equality and justice, only to sell their souls to a more hideous slavery and a monthly check from a Democrat named Johnson. 
I am long-winded and I am sorry...I am frustrated and feel powerless to change the snowball effect that reflects the path that my country is on. I fear the mid-term elections will not change the course we are now traveling. And frankly, I am scared. not in the physical sense, but in the sense that no one is listening and more importantly, no one cares. 
I have been thinking about this for awhile now. I don’t see politics in the cards for me, but I think it is time to do something, Maybe a trip to DC? At the very least support Tea Party candidates who do care and work to primary the RINO’s who are just as bad as the current administration. 
I am open for your suggestions.....and of course, your view on what happened today.

1 comment:

  1. WOW....thanks for the wake up call.I have been hibernating since the election and living in denial of everything for months but your post hast stirred me. Actually I think it is time we start to tell the stories, not wishing for the good old days, but explaining to our kids and grandkids where we have come from. Our parents were the ones that lived in many cases through world war II and the great depression and really did walk miles to school.
    We didn't have it that bad, but we have seen life and we did a lot of change in our generation. But when did we stop being Americans. As I hear day after day what this administration chooses to do in the name of fairness and equality, I feel they have brought shame and disgrace to the dignity of hard work and the American dream.
    I hired a 20 year old black female with a high school education today. she applied for a position as a health care worker in a facility I work at. She worked for the past 6 months in fast food restraunts. When she interviewed I asked her who has influenced her the most in her life......her eyes started to fill up and she said her granny. She dead now but she was the only person in her family that believed in her and gave her REAL advice. Her granny said .... don't go out there and have babies... use your head... get a job.... you can do this... babies will come later... but not now... that is not the way to live .... you MAKE A LIVING FIRST. I cried and hired her. Granny is right ...She also said her sister is so much smarter than she is.... was going to be a nurse ..... got great grades in high school.... has babies now ... dropped out of school.... and now her and her mom want her to stop this nonsense and stay home and babysit and why hasn't she had a child yet.... listen to this crap... it has been sold for so many years ... the worker is made to feel wrong... granny is right.... Obama... wake up....this is not a made up story... it is reverse slavery. every else is working for people who WILL NOT... NOT CAN'T. FIX It or Get out and join the others that don't work. opps guess that happened on 9/11/12 too.