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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let's be FAIR to Jesse Jackson, Jr,

  Jesse Jackson, Jr, has been (miraculously?) discovered to have been pilfering money from his campaign coffers to buy stuff. 
  Expensive stuff like a watch worth tens of thousands of dollars. 
  And fur capes. Lots of fur capes.
  Rather than excoriating Jackson for being the scoundrel he is, it's interesting to watch the press and Democrats but I repeat myself rush to his ready made defense which is, of course, the whole "bi-polar" smokescreen of hysteria Jackson put up when he realized someone noticed and was about to say something, unlike the treatment Jesse Jackson SENIOR usually gets.
  Jackson's being caught is "unfortunate," the press dutifully reports, but his downfall was due to wanting stuff rather than "power," as if that's somehow a worse (or better? I'm so confused!) reason for being revealed to be both thief and liar. 
   Here's what a neighboring corruptocrat in Illinois says of Jackson's "unfortunate" behavior:

"I think things probably just got out of hand for them and they got involved in making decisions that just didn't make a lot of good sense," Davis said. 
Davis wondered whether the long list of luxury purchases mentioned in the federal criminal complaint were "an indication that his bipolar condition kind of was manifesting itself even then." 
If so, he said, it's unfair to compare this situation to other Illinois corruption.

  Let's be honest, here.
  The desire for power revolves around the desire for objects and certainly for the control of others' lives.
  Regardless the motive, both are wrong and evil and proprietary of others' lives. 
  But I guess when you're immoral like that, there's a difference between being a liar and thief or a power hungry liar and thief. 
  It only counts, though, if you're on the right side of the aisle.
  But for sure don't rub your leg up accidentally or not against somebody's else's in a toilet stall because that would be abominably immoral.
  Unless, of course, you've already established a predetermined defense like bi-polar disorder. Or something like that.
  We wouldn't want to be unfair, after all.

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