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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SOTU filled with lies

  Ok, it's 9:52 and I have suffered through this much of the SOTU speech. It is so clear at this point that The One has no idea what he's talking about. He's his usual cocky self, smugly smiling when he thinks he's made a good point.
  It's been one lie after another. 
  Obama is declaring the economy better, the housing market "healing" and the debt under control. He ignores the numerous folks who have dropped out of the job market.
  He paints a rosy picture, claiming he's going to take the money from oil to splurge on the green market so we won't be dependent on oil which, of course, we have lots of if he wouldn't blow it on more Solyndras.
  We haven't cut 2 1/2 trillion dollars from entitlements. We're printing 1 trillion dollars every year, far surpassing the $850 billion that was in circulation when Obama took office. 
  There's more. Virtually every point was fabricated.
  Take, for example, his point about raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour and tying it to the cost of living which would be automatic increases when the COL goes up. Obama complains that a family with 2 children living on minimum just can't make it.
  So here ya go. As it is, black and youth unemployment is astronomical because when you raise those entry level jobs to such high rates there are fewer jobs.
  Statistically the people who are hired on minimum wage are NOT adults providing for their families. It's a ridiculous complaint.
  Obama has also declared that our troops will be out of Afghanistan, thus revealing to Al Qaeda their new surge dates. But OUR war will be over. Right.
  We're going to print and give money to poor countries because it's "the right thing to do."
  Personally I think there's something dead looking out of those eyes which are sagging and blink. Alive enough to sneer, but dead inside.
  Just MHO.
**I might add that the enormous push Obama put on gun control with the numerous sob story witnesses ignores the law-abiding inner city citizens who deserve the right to protect themselves.

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