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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Line up, kids, It time for your behavioral health assessment

Almost as appalling than the actual Newtown shooting is the reaction of public officials elected, appointed, and hired. Children have been suspended for playing with imaginary guns, unconstitutional legislation has been both proposed and in New York enacted and the President has once again shown his antipathy for the constitution he has twice sworn to protect and defend but new legislation proposed in Connecticut goes well beyond gun control to control of the very children who are supposed to be protected by government. Under a law proposed by a pair of daffy and statist Connecticut legislators, Toni Nathaniel Harp and Representative Toni E. Walker the state would have the power to do "behavioral health assessments" in the homes of home schooled children.

This proposed bill would require home schooled children ages 12, 14, and 17 to have a "behavioral health assessment." The health care provider performing the assessment would be required to complete a form designed by the State Board of Education verifying that the assessment had been completed. The same would be required of public school children but there is a nice carve out for private schools where legislators are apt to send their own children. Doing these assessments at school is bad enough but by what right does the state have ability to enter a private home and begin questioning children who are abiding the law and accused of no wrong doing? That why many people choose to home school; to keep away from jackasses in public education.

“It’s outrageous that state officials could come into private homes and potentially remove children if they are assessed as a threat as a result of the investigation,” Home School Legal Defense Association Senior Counsel Dee Black. Of course this law would enable government officials to seize and tag children as mentally unfit or maladjusted-children who have committed no crime nor posed any threat to the community. Home schoolers think the fact that the Newtown shooter was home schooled for awhile is behind this assault on individual privacy.

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